Create beautiful spaces

your design.




Keep Everything Organized

  • Build your Folders: organized by Room and Products
  • File all your project details in one place
  • Save images and specifics for each Product
  • Manage Your Product Selections
  • Store Receipts, Invoices, Manuals and Notes

Visualize Work Progress

  • Set priorities.
  • Assign Tasks to family members or contractors.
  • Never miss another appointment or forget to pick up supplies.
  • Be alerted when Tasks are overdue.


  • Set a budget for each job and instantly see how much you’re spending.
  • Your Budget accrues as your Project progresses.
  • Attach receipts to your Items.
  • Keep track of spending on your Dashboard.

Save Project Contacts

  • All your Contact information is at your fingertips
  • No more searching for a phone number, email or website
  • Cross reference Contacts to the product or service they provide
  • Create Contact profiles and add images, documents and notes

Upload & Share Images

  • Upload and organize product and inspiration photos
  • HOT Image Clipper captures images from anywhere on the web
  • Attach images to specific rooms and products
  • Share your design ideas

home projects

We all have them and need them to be simple

Where communication becomes easy…

Share ideas, schedule appointments and automatically notify others of project deadlines.

Organize Selections

From inspiration to purchase, ease the stress of making all those product selections for your project.

Manage Budget

Surprises can be good but not when it’s cost overuns on a project.

Stay on Schedule

Relieve anxiety from missed or late appointments and have products ready and on time.


Set reminders for when maintenance is needed i.e. change furnace filters, smoke detector batteries, and more.

Filing System

Need to find that paint color or model number? Not a problem,  you’ve kept everything in HomeOnTrack and you can even add warranty information, user manuals, and more.


Store Info

Where did you buy that light and who was the salesperson? Easy to trace when you use HomeOnTrack.

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From product selections to budget to schedule and more, your home project stays organized and running smoothly.