Black Cabinets: Kitchen and Bathroom Cabinets

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Create Your Ideal Look With Black Cabinets


Black is not an uncommon color in kitchen design, especially when it comes to your cabinetry. You can pair black cabinets with different countertops, backsplashes and walls to create the look you have in mind. If you’re looking to change the vibe in your kitchen, here are several ideas for black cabinets. 


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Black and White

Stick with tradition by opting for a black and white color scheme. Start by pairing your black cabinets and countertop with a white interior. Then, add in a kitchen island with black cabinets and a white countertop. If you want to enhance your modern vibe, add in stainless steel appliances and a light-colored hardwood floor.

Darker Shades

Another idea is to stick with darker shades for an elegant or modern look. Imagine a kitchen with black cabinets and counters, as well as a black backsplash and paneled appliances. A dark wood floor adds a bit of warmth while sticking to the darker scheme. Keep the ceiling white to give your eyes a break from the darker shades.

Wooden Elements

You can create a cozy atmosphere by pairing your black cabinets with wooden elements. Start with a wooden dining table or island with upholstered wooden stools. Choose a hardwood floor instead of a tile floor to enhance the cozy vibe. You can even use brass or copper accents to stick with the color scheme. Tie everything together with white walls.

Multicolored Design

If you’re looking to add a lot of color, consider pairing your black cabinets with a black counter and multicolored backsplash. On the other side of your counter and appliances is an eat-in kitchen with dark yellow walls and a brown floor. You can decorate with accents of dark yellow and brown to match your color scheme, and finish it off with a candle chandelier above the dining table. 

Pop of Color

Are you only looking to add a pop of color? You can keep it subtle by pairing your black cabinets with white counters and walls, as well as stainless steel appliances and a hardwood floor. Now, let’s use red as an example for your colored elements. You can use your cabinet handles, smaller appliances and accents to add in the red. One idea is to add a red stove to your group of stainless steel appliances.

Gray and Marble 

Create a beautiful, modern color scheme by pairing your black cabinets and white counters with a gray waterfall island with a marble surface. If you have a second island with a stove, keep that island white with a gray range hood above it. You can also achieve this look with a white dining table, and you can stick with the gray range hood above the stove. Allow your white walls and beige floor to tie everything together.  

You don’t have to worry about being limited to design choices when choosing black cabinets. In fact, you have more choices because you can pair your black cabinets with various colors, finishes, and surfaces. You’re sure to create a beautiful design when you pair your black cabinets with different elements. 

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