Privacy Fence Ideas That Are Attractive and Functional

Privacy Fence Ideas

Comfort and privacy are the two most important elements of your home. These elements are just as important on your deck or in your backyard. This is why many homeowners are turning to privacy fences. You can enjoy the solitude without staying cooped up inside the house.

Of course, staring at your empty fence walls can be boring, but you can create an aesthetic with different materials, flowers or lights. Use the following ideas to create an attractive but effective privacy fence around your home.

Touch of Nature

You can add a touch of nature to your fence by planting some greenery between the panels. A bed of shrubs adorns the short wall in front of the fence, and you can find plants on each side of your patio furniture. Feel free to add a splash of color with flowers or fall foliage. This is a great idea if you are installing the fence around your rooftop deck.

Wooden Fence Walls

Maximize your privacy by installing wooden panels in front of a matching wall. One idea is to use slatted wall for your panels, with a built-in bench to create ample seating for guests. Add a splash of color to your fence with small arrangements and a built-in planter. When building your deck, you want to use western red cedar for your fence, bench and planter. Western red cedar is beautiful and durable, and using the same material creates a cohesive effect.

Privacy With Bamboo

Bamboo not only creates a different look in your yard, but its natural beauty is enough to make you want to spend hours outdoors. It is a great idea for dressing up your concrete retaining wall, plus attaching the bamboo to the wall keeps it in place. You can also attach a board to the top of the retaining wall. Create a private, outdoor oasis by adding a small pond surrounded by greenery and stones, as well as a stone bench.

Privacy With Modern Features

If you are looking to create a modern home on the inside-out, then you want to use a tall, dark-colored fence around your yard. Your fence is actually a wall complete with built-in light panels and water jets. You can even adorn the ground with black polished concrete to increase the modern vibe. This privacy fence is perfect for hosting an outdoor party or relaxing in the comfort of your own yard.

Slatted Wood and Brick Features

You can maintain your privacy on your deck with walls made of slatted wood. The slatted wood makes it easy to host a private party on your patio, or you can curl up on the cozy couch without feeling watched by your neighbors. A brick fireplace adds to the warm vibe without clashing with your fence. You can add a splash of color with greenery and flowers.

You do not have to feel bored with a plain privacy fence. It is easy to create an appealing fence without sacrificing the privacy you deserve.

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