Kitchen With A Splash of Color l 5 Colors

Personalize Your Kitchen With A Splash of Color

It is no secret that an all-white kitchen is one of the biggest trends today. You can pair a variety of accessories or appliances with your white palette, and there is something about it that adds a sparkle to your kitchen. The classic look of an all-white kitchen is not going to be losing popularity anytime soon.

However, there are many homeowners who are looking to add a personal touch to their kitchen, and you may fall into this category yourself. One idea is to personalize your kitchen with a splash of color, which is another trend that is gaining popularity among homeowners. If you are unsure of where to start, here are several ideas for adding color to your kitchen.

Green with Wood

You can create a soothing atmosphere by painting your cabinetry in a light green shade. A brighter shade of green keeps the space from feeling dark or small, but you want to make sure it is not bright enough to disrupt your vibe. You can combine color with warmth by pairing your green cabinetry with wooden counters.

Blue as The Sky

If you do not want to pair your wooden counters with green, you may want to pair them with a light shade of blue. Start by painting the cabinets and drawers on your island blue, and pair the blue island with a wooden countertop. Use a blue backsplash or accessories to enhance the palette. You can mix it up a bit with white upper cabinets and brown wooden lower cabinets.

Yellow and Blue

Use a mixture of yellow and blue to create a gorgeous palette in your kitchen. You can start by adding yellow accessories and matching upholstered stools to a white island with a wooden counter. A counter with a white countertop and gray cabinetry may feature blue dinnerware or decor. Your backsplash of yellow, blue and white creates a colored pattern above your white farmhouse sink.

Red and Warm

There is something about the color red that adds a modern look to your kitchen. A kitchen island with red cabinets and a dark quartz countertop is just what you need to achieve this look. You can also pair red decor with white cabinetry, and use the dark quartz for the counter under your cabinets. Use brown stools and a hardwood floor to add a little warmth to your modern kitchen.

Pretty in Pink

You can pair the color pink with several shades or materials to create a fun, cheerful kitchen. Start by pairing a pink island and cabinets with a white ceiling and walls. Your concrete counters and stainless steel appliances stand out next to the pink palette. If you want to add a touch of warmth while increasing your space, place a wooden dining table with white chairs next to your island.

Whether you are letting the colors pop, keeping it modern or creating a warm vibe, the sky is the limit when you are working with different colors in your kitchen.

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