Mixing Metals in Your Home: Change Up Your Style

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Change Up Your Style By Mixing The Metals In Your Home

For many years, it has been a trend to use the same metal finishes throughout a room or the entire house. Nowadays, the trend is to mix the metals throughout your home. It’s a great way to create your own style. If you’re thinking of hopping aboard the latest trend, here are several ideas for mixing the metals in your home.

Let’s start with ideas for mixing the metals in your kitchen.



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Metals With White

If you have an all-white kitchen, you can add a touch of color by mixing the metals. Your stainless steel appliances are sure to stand out against your white island, counters and cabinets. Bronze pendant lights above the island add a different color without taking away from the modern vibe. Finish it off by placing gold vases on the island. The different metals add a bit of color without creating an eyesore in your kitchen.

Rustic and Modern

Wooden pieces such as your cabinetry, island and dining table create a rustic look in your kitchen. You can add a modern vibe to your rustic look with different metals. Start with stainless steel appliances such as your microwave and oven. Use bronze pendant lights above the island to add a softer look against the stainless steel. A metal range above the hood adds the finishing touch to your rustic but modern space.

If you’re looking to mix the metals in your bathroom, here are two ideas that may catch your eye.

Elegant Powder Room

The best part of mixing your metals is being able to create a new atmosphere in your space. One example is your powder room, and the right metals can give this space a touch of elegance. You can start with a gold frame around your mirror, and cool it down with silver hardware on the sink. A silver table is perfect for displaying your decorative pieces. The metals are sure to stand out against a wall-mount cement sink and black plaster walls.

Cool and Warm

Use brushed nickel and bronze elements to create a warm and cool vibe in your bathroom. You can even mix the metals in the same spot, such as your sink or shower. Whether you’re using a frame of mixed elements or relying on the reflection, the mirror can help your metals work together in one space. Your accents and hardware look great with your tan cabinetry and walls.

You do not have to limit the use of metals to your kitchen or bathroom. Here is an idea for mixing the metals in another spot of your home.

A Mixed Staircase

If you’re really looking to do something different, consider turning your attic into a home theater. Place your screen and equipment at one end of the attic, and fill the rest with comfortable seating. You can even add a popcorn maker and mini refrigerator for beverages. Design your theater with green or blue walls and cream-colored carpeting to create a relaxing atmosphere. Do not forget to decorate the walls with framed movie posters.

When you find the warm and cool metals that work for you, you can create a look that makes your home stand out from the crowd.

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