Lighting: The Jewelry Of Your Home

Use Lighting As The Jewelry Of Your Home

There is more to lighting than just being able to see in your home. You are adding a sparkle to your design. A finishing touch known as the jewelry of your home. The glow, fixtures and placement all play an important role, and that role is to catch the eye of anyone who enters the room.

In other words, lighting is very important because it can set the tone of your home. A crystal chandelier works in an elegant dining room, but a wall sconce is great for a modern bathroom. The key is to find the lighting that works best for each design.

Are you looking to create an aesthetic with decorative but functional lighting? The following ideas can help you use lighting as the jewelry of your home.



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A Warm Glow

There is nothing like a warm glow to make your living room feel cozy and inviting. A candle chandelier is perfect for a rustic living room. You can pair the chandelier with a stone fireplace, wooden elements and warm neutral colors. Once you notice the chandelier, your eye is also drawn to the stone fireplace and wooden ceiling beams.

Modern Wall Sconces

You can create a modern vibe in your bathroom by investing in wall sconces. Wall sconces come in different designs to fit your style, such as sconces with small, white lamp shades on them. When you place the sconces on either side of your sink, you’re creating ample lighting while drawing attention to the mirror and subway tiles. One idea is to pair clear and white sconces with your gray and white color scheme.

Neutral But Whimsical

A bedroom designed in neutral colors can help you to relax without the distractions of bright or bold colors. However, you do want to add a little personality to your bedroom, which you can do with a six-arm chandelier. There are styles that resemble branches and leaves, with candles on them, to catch your attention. It’s a great way to add a whimsical feeling to a room full of neutrals.

Sea of Pendants

The best part of light fixtures is they come in a range of styles. For example, you can find a chandelier that is made up of multiple pendants. The entire fixture looks like a rainfall of light, which is perfect if you’re creating a sea-themed living room. One fun idea is to add a painting or mural of an underwater scene near the chandelier. The chandelier draws the eye upward and brings attention to the colorful scene.

An Elegant Look

You can also use your lighting to create an elegant look in your kitchen. A small fixture, such as a vintage bronze chandelier with candles, can easily enhance the tone. Hang two small chandeliers over your island to draw attention to your range hood with crown molding. You can even hang a matching, but larger, chandelier over the dining table to give your kitchen several focal points.

Whether you’re using a wall sconce, pendant light or chandelier, the right lighting creates an aesthetic while setting the mood in your home.

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