Hidden And Secret Doors For Your Home

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Add A Hidden Door To Your Home With These Ideas


There is a good chance you have heard of hidden doors in movies and books. You may have even imagined what it would be like to have your own hidden door. What if you were told it is possible to have a hidden door in your own home?

Why would you want to hide a door in your home? One idea is to add an aesthetic to the room, so you do not have to worry about a door disrupting your design. Another idea is to keep your guests from finding out what is on the other side, such as a storage area or personal retreat.

If you are thinking of becoming a part of this trend, here are several ideas for your own hidden door.



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A Secret Bookcase

A secret bookcase above your fireplace is ideal for storing valuables such as antique jewelry, family heirlooms and important documents. When you place artwork on the wall, it is just an ordinary spot above your fireplace. This is a great idea for your study, living room or home office

A Hidden Bar

You can use a hidden door to add style and function to your kitchen. Slide or pull open a stainless steel door to reveal a hidden bar for entertaining guests. The stainless steel exterior offers a seamless look that fits the modern vibe of your space.

Door Within Panels

A bedroom with a paneled wall is the perfect spot for a hidden door. The door blends in with the panels to create a hidden closet for your belongings. You can also use this method to hide your ensuite bathroom from your guests. You want to use a knob that does not stick out and reveal the door.

Within The Wood

You can hide the door within a wooden wall, which is similar to hiding the door within wall panels. The wooden panels can be pushed or pulled open to reveal your hidden area. It may lead to a storage area or your HVAC system. You can camouflage the door by adding hooks for jackets, which can double as door pulls.

Behind a Bookcase

If you want an option that is similar to movies and books, you can use a traditional bookcase that turns to reveal a secret room. Your guests only see your library, but a room or closet is waiting behind your hidden door. The door can be turned from either side of the bookcase.

A Hidden Room

On one side of the door is a bookcase with books, puzzles or decorative pieces. On the other side of the door is a room that is hidden from your casual visitors. Use this room as a place to work on projects or relax after a busy day. You can also use it as a guestroom that is hidden from casual guests who are not staying the night.

A hidden door is a great idea for protecting your valuables, concealing an area or adding a stylish look to your space.

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