Green and Greenery In Your Home

Decorating with green and greenery

Ideas For Adding A Touch of Green To Your Home


Green is a color that is popping up in many homes. The soothing vibe of this color is what cemented its place in home design.

You can easily add green to your home with paint, accessories and greenery. The key is to create a look that fits your vision without creating an eyesore. Are you trying to be subtle about the pops of green in your space, or do you want the green to stand out among the rest of your interior? Use the following ideas as inspiration when adding a splash green to your home.


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Pair It With Other Colors

It is always fun to pair a certain color with other colors to create your own look. One example is a small office or craft room, and you can start by painting the walls or cabinets in a darker shade of green. The brown floor looks great in this small space, but the green interior and pink chair stand out without overpowering one another.

Decorate With Patterns

There is something about the color green and patterns that go hand-in-hand. In this bathroom, you can find a green and blue patterned wall among the white fixtures and cabinets. Green and blue are both soothing colors that can help you relax while soaking in the tub. Let items such as yellow flowers or toiletries add other shades into the mix.

Add A Little Texture

You can also add a little texture with green subway tiles, as seen in this bathroom. The white grout is easy on the eyes but does not take away from the green interior. Instead of overdoing the green, pair it with black and white, such as a white vanity and black cabinets. You can finish it off with black, white and beige tiles on the floor.

Keep It Simple

Your attic is the ideal spot for your home office. It gives you the privacy you need to work on your project, but you do not have to leave the comfort of your own home. You can design your office as you see fit, from neutral colors to carpet flooring. A desk or table may be preferable for your office, or you may be looking to add cozy seating with a small couch.

Give It The Spotlight

If you’re really looking to do something different, consider turning your attic into a home theater. Place your screen and equipment at one end of the attic, and fill the rest with comfortable seating. You can even add a popcorn maker and mini refrigerator for beverages. Design your theater with green or blue walls and cream-colored carpeting to create a relaxing atmosphere. Do not forget to decorate the walls with framed movie posters.

Take It Outside

You can add a splash of green to your exterior by painting your front door. A dark green shade looks great with a beige construction, and gold numbers for your address gives your green door an elegant look. Enhance the look with greenery such as trees and shrubs on both sides of your pathway.

Whether you are going big or keeping it simple, you can find several ways to add a splash of green to your home.

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