Bonus Room. Make Your Attic Awesome!

Turn Your Attic Space Into A Bonus Room


For years, your attic has had a reputation of being a scary place. Those who are not afraid simply use it as a place to store old and seasonal items. It may be a room you only visit every few months for cleaning or rummaging purposes.

The truth is, your attic is actually a pretty cool place. It’s an extra room that can be used however you want. Use these ideas to turn your attic space into a bonus room.



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Extra Bedroom

Whether you need more room for an older child or want to build a guest room, your attic is perfect for creating an extra bedroom in your home. One idea is to keep it traditional with a hardwood floor and wooden ceiling, as well as white walls with decorative pieces. A cozy window seat and bedroom furniture turn your attic into a restful spot.

Play Room

Why not create a place for your children and their friends to play? You can keep it simple with carpet flooring, cozy seating and plenty of toys. You can even add a wall-mounted television for watching movies or cartoons. If you’re looking to create a more active spot, you can always install a rock climbing wall and sliding board, which are sure to stand out from other attics in the neighborhood.

Entertainment Area

The attic is also a great spot for your entertainment area. You can get rid of that old attic feeling with a light gray and black color scheme, as well as a dark brown hardwood floor. A pool table, air hockey table and pinball machine are great for keeping everyone entertained. Of course, you need seating for unwinding with friends, which you can achieve with a table and stools or lounge chairs. Finish it off with a wall-mounted TV for viewing parties.

Home Office

Your attic is the ideal spot for your home office. It gives you the privacy you need to work on your project, but you do not have to leave the comfort of your own home. You can design your office as you see fit, from neutral colors to carpet flooring. A desk or table may be preferable for your office, or you may be looking to add cozy seating with a small couch.

Home Theater

If you’re really looking to do something different, consider turning your attic into a home theater. Place your screen and equipment at one end of the attic, and fill the rest with comfortable seating. You can even add a popcorn maker and mini refrigerator for beverages. Design your theater with green or blue walls and cream-colored carpeting to create a relaxing atmosphere. Do not forget to decorate the walls with framed movie posters.

What else can you do with your attic? With a little remodeling, you can create a gym, library or bathroom. Maybe you want a more organized storage space, or even a small apartment to rent out. The room you only visited several times a year is actually a spot with amazing possibilities.

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