Do you have an unused shed in your backyard? Maybe it is a space to collect odds and ends, but it does not serve a specific purpose. You can give your shed a purpose by turning it into a functional part of your home. Here are several amazing uses for your ordinary backyard shed.

Guest House

If you entertain out-of-town guests often, why not turn your shed into a guest house? You are going to need furniture such as a cozy bed, nightstand and dresser, as well as warm decor or fresh flowers to make them feel right at home. A guest house gives them the privacy they need without checking into a hotel.


Home Office

It is easier to focus on your work when you distance yourself from the distractions. Furnish your home office with items such as a laptop desk, office chair and a bookcase or file cabinet. Decorate with posters that motivate you to work, or keep it bare to minimize the distractions. Converting your shed into a home office allows you to separate your business life from your personal life.

Personal Retreat

Everyone needs an escape from the daily chaos, so why not turn your shed into a “she shed” or “man cave?” Whether you are getting lost in your favorite book or catching the latest baseball game, your retreat should include the things that help you unwind. It could be a spot to work on your favorite hobbies, from spinning clay pottery to building model ships. The key is to turn your shed into a place to get some “me time” when you need a breather.


Fitness Center

If you are devoted to living a healthy, active lifestyle, turn your shed into your own personal fitness center. Depending on the size of your space, you can add equipment ranging from yoga mats to exercise machines to your fitness center. You can even install a mirror along one wall of your shed.


Turning your shed into a greenhouse is a great way to enhance your garden. You are going to install many large windows for this transformation, or you can remove everything but the frames and cover them with transparent plastic. Do not forget to set up several tables to display and care for your greenery. This is your personal spot to plant your favorite herbs, produce or flowers.


Storage Shed

If you would rather use your shed for storage, you can take the steps to create your own well-organized storage unit. Start by dividing your bicycles, tools and outdoor equipment into different zones. Use hooks, shelving units and ceiling racks to free up the floor space in your shed.

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