Fire Pits For The Backyard

Light Your Night With A Fire Pit

A fire pit is a very cozy addition to your backyard. It is great for roasting marshmallows or hosting a gathering. The best part is you can build the fire pit on your own. Use the following guide to build a fire pit that is just right for your home.

Stairway To The Fire Pit

A set of curved stairs made of wood lead you from your deck to your circular fire pit, which is located on your patio. The fire pit is made with Anchor Charleston pavers and surrounded by comfortable chairs.

Fire In A Bowl

Give your exterior a unique look by purchasing a cast iron fire bowl. The bowl sits on beach pebbles and pavers to create your own coastal retreat. There are low voltage landscape lights recessed into the pebbles, located at the base of the bowl. A curved bench made of granite fieldstone and Bedford Limestone enhances this beach-themed exterior.

Natural Fire Pit

If you have opted for a gas fire pit, go natural with lava rocks covered by glass pebbles, and surround it with large stones or boulders. You are going to need a gas ring for this fire pit, as well as a kit that hooks up to your gas line. One idea is to have a gas key built into a stone bench, which is used for switching the gas on and off.

Types of Heating and Materials

Start by learning the types of heating for your fire pit, such as wood, propane, ethanol, natural gas and gel fuel. You want to pick the type of heating that works for your landscape.

Check The Burning Codes: Before you start building your fire pit, you want to check with your local municipality for burning codes.

The next step is to determine the materials you need for your fire pit, and you have quite the selection to browse through. If you are using propane, ethanol or natural gas, use a stainless steel gas ring to create an even flame without damaging the material.

When building the interior wall of the pit, you want to use materials that are strong enough for high temperatures, such as fire brick and a fire-proof grout or mortar.

There are several materials that can be used for the rest of the fire pit, and this includes stone, brick, tile, pavers, poured concrete and masonry block.

If you are building a gas fire pit, you need to place fill material over the gas rings. Your options include river rock, lava rock and recycled glass. The fill materials create different looks within your fire pit.

You can build the cap of your fire pit with brick, flagstone or precast concrete.

There are many types of fire pits to build for your home, and you are sure to find one that fits your needs.

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