Your exterior is a reflection of your interior, so it is important to make sure it is presentable. The sidewalk leading to your door is the first thing your guests notice when they pull up to your home. You want to make a good impression on your guests, right?

If you are planning to place your home on the market, you need a sidewalk that is going to appeal to your potential buyers. Remember, your sidewalk is going to draw their eyes through your landscape and up to your front door.

Upgrading your sidewalk is also something you can do for yourself. It is nice to come home to a beautiful path leading to your front door.

Regardless of your reasoning, you can upgrade your sidewalk with the following ideas.

Path of Staggered Slabs

Create the illusion of a wider path with staggered slabs of stone planks. The rectangular stones alternate to draw the eye from left to right, and it gives you a break from a traditional, straight path. The best part is you can place the staggered slabs on grass or concrete.

Stick To Tradition With Bricks

If you would rather stick to tradition, you can never go wrong with bricks. Use bricks in a faded red shade to give your sidewalk a lived-in look. Create a path leading from your sidewalk to your home, and surround your path with grass, flowers or plants.

Create Your Own Boardwalk

Recreate the beach atmosphere you love with your own boardwalk. Wood is easier to install than stone or brick, and you can use a rain screen system to keep moisture from damaging the wood. Imagine a boardwalk leading from your sidewalk to your white exterior.

Rock It With Pebbles

If you do not want grass or concrete on your sidewalk strip, why not fill it with river pebbles, rocks and stones? It gives your sidewalk a dry creek look that is both unique and easier to maintain. Combine this look with your boardwalk to turn your exterior into a pier.

Cross The Bridge To Get Home

You can give your sidewalk a unique look by creating a small bridge on your path. The surface is made of flagstones with colored grout to make your sidewalk stand out from the crowd. You can use rope or wood to create the railing of your bridge. It is a surprise element that is sure to put a smile on the face of your guests.

Decorative Tiles and Accents

If your sidewalk is made of risers, you can upgrade the risers by adding a border and accents. The border is made of decorative tiles to add a bit of character to your space. You can use one pattern for the edge of your risers and another pattern on the sides of your risers.

Whether you want a curved path, pebbles or boardwalk, the sky is the limit when upgrading your sidewalk. It is a great way to create an attractive path to your home.


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