Colored Grout l Create Beautiful Designs

Create Beautiful Designs With Colored Grout

There is a new trend taking over the world of home design, and that trend is colored grout. What was once an ordinary part of tiled surfaces is now creating gorgeous patterns in kitchens and bathrooms. Are you thinking of adding a colorful pattern to your home? You can achieve the following design ideas with colored grout.

Bright With Yellow

There are several ways to use yellow grout in your bathroom. One idea is to brighten your space with yellow grout between white tiles, which separates the tiles while adding a splash of color. Another idea is to place the yellow grout between matching tiles to create a smooth look. You can also make a statement by placing yellow grout between light blue tiles.

Dark and Teal

If you are looking for a darker design, consider pairing teal grout with matte black tiles in your kitchen. It stands out from the crowd without creating an eyesore in your home. The teal and matte black combination look great with your wood panels and white cabinetry. Finish it off by pairing the backsplash with a black range and blue accessories.


Think Pink

There is something about the color pink that creates a cheerful vibe. You can add that vibe to your kitchen by placing pastel pink grout between small white tiles. This backsplash is paired with white cabinetry, with or without a rose petal blush. If you are changing the vibe in your bathroom, you can always place pink grout between matching hexagon tiles for a smooth but colorful look. Pair the tiles with a shaped mirror and pink cabinets.

Silver and Gold

Are you looking for a design that adds a little sparkle to your home? One idea is to invest in silver or gold glitter grout for your bathroom. You can place it between gray rectangle tiles to achieve a modern but fun look. The silver glitter grout ties your matching colors together, and the gold glitter grout gives your space an elegant look.

Double Dose of Color

You can create an unforgettable pattern in your home by using a double dose of color. One example is pairing yellow grout with blue tiles in your bathroom. You may decide to place the yellow grout between your pale blue tiles, as this adds a glow without going too bold. If you are looking to create a bold look, add yellow or orange grout lines between your dark blue tiles.

Go With Black

You can never go wrong with black grout, which is a common style that looks great with colored tiles. If you want to add a touch of style to your space, pair your black grout with pastel pink tiles. Create a modern look by placing your black grout between carrara venato marble honed subway tiles.

Whether you are keeping it simple with pink grout and white tiles or adding a glow with yellow grout and blue tiles, the sky is the limit when you are working with colored grout.

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