Today’s Top Design Trends for Your Remodel

From velvet sofas to bright green walls — what’s hot right now

If you’re thinking of injecting your home with up-to-date decor, check out these trends, which are fresh and fun and guaranteed to give a look all its own. Best yet, you can pick just one or two ideas to give your space some modern style – no need for a complete overhaul.


When Pantone named ”greenery” its color of the year for 2017, it suddenly started appearing on walls, floor, furniture, and more. “Green is taking over everything,” says Melody Vaughn, an interior designer in New York City, who’s incorporated the bright, cheery hue into recent home designs. Though greenery is the most prominent, other verdant shades, such as emerald and lime, are grabbing the spotlight. too.

Bold patterns are hot for 2017 including throw pillows, backsplashes, and wallpaper designs. Above, bunny wallpaper courtesy Hunt Slonem for Lee Jofa.

Graphic designs

Bold patterns are showing up on everywhere – on throw pillows, backsplashes, floor tiles. Even wallpaper is getting more visual. “Crazy patterns have never been hotter,” says Donna Mondi, a Chicago interior designer. But for the risk averse, she suggests starting with an accent wall with something fun like a bunny print.


Filling your home with various textures is very 2017. You can go big with a sofa covered in luxurious velvet or make a subtle but still tactile statement with jute wall art. In any room where you want the textural elements to pop, keep the color palette simple and understated.

Gray and Beige

What do you get when you combine gray and beige? A new neutral called “greige.”

“Greige is soothing and nondescript, like a graduated white,” says Vaughn, who suggests using it to balance stronger hues or patterns. “You could have a living room with one wall painted green or covered with a graphic wallpaper and the rest of the walls painted greige.”

Matte Appliances

Remember when concealing appliances with cabinetry fronts was a thing? “You’d walk into a kitchen and couldn’t tell what was the pantry or the refrigerator,” Vaughn says. “Now it’s all about appliances showing off.” A matte finish accomplishes that by letting its shape stand out without shine to distract. And appliances aren’t just white or stainless – black has become increasingly popular this year.

Mixed Metals with Muted Finishes

Torn between choosing two metals for your kitchen or bath? Do both! “There are no rules when it comes to which metal to use anymore,” Mondi says. “Why choose one when you can have everything you want?” Two that play nicely off each other: polished chrome and brushed brass.


You can accent a room with this classic, sophisticated color or pair it with another hue, like beige or even black. One way to use it: Vaughn suggests installing a navy oven hood range and black back splash, with stark white or whitewashed cabinetry, which will pop against the dark shades.

Stand-alone Tubs

These unattached tubs are ergonomically designed and fit several people at once. “It’s almost like a sauna,” says Vaughn, who notes they’re available not just round but also square. “If you have the space and your plumbing allows it, put the tub in the center of the room.”

Kitchen Island with a Built-in Range

As more people are becoming serious at-home cooks – and as kitchen islands become bigger and more functional – it’s no surprise that installing a range on one side of the island is becoming popular. “People who love to cook want to put as much emphasis on the preparation of the meal as they do on the enjoyment of the end result,” says Elissa Morgante, a co-principal of Morgante Wilson Architects in Evanston, Ill. “Putting the range in the island, with seating all around it and great lighting and ventilation overhead, makes cooking an event.”

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