How To Ease The Stress of a Remodel

Remodels will create stress but there are ways to keep your project running smoothly

We get it. Taking on a remodel adds stress to your life. Deciding who’s going to do the work, whether your project is a true DIY or you’re hiring the professionals. Working the project into your already busy life. All of the product and decor decisions that need to be made, and oh have I mentioned budget, yet?

Regardless of the size of your project, a remodel can cause serious stress. But there is a silver lining, we promise. The satisfaction of creating the home you’ve always dreamed of is worth all the hassle and headache that may come.

And we’re here to help — let’s take a look at the major stress points that can crop up during a home project and how to manage them.

Do Your Homework:

You’ve heard it a million times. The better prepared you are, the better a task is going to turn out. The same holds true for your home projects.

Use the wonderful resources out there such as Pinterest. Start pinning and grouping the looks that appeal to you. Don’t overthink it. Simply go with your first impression and tag what images make you happy — you’ll start to see a pattern and you’ll be able to pinpoint your inspiration in no time.

THEN, use the HomeOnTrack Image Clipper to deliver those favorites directly into your HomeOnTrack project Folders. They’ll be stored there waiting for you to compare and make your final choice. In no time your selection process will be narrowed down and the stress of all those decisions won’t seem so overwhelming. Learn more about he HomeOnTrack Image Clipper Here.

I call this “pulling the mom card” with my kids. Here’s some advice. Making all these decisions will wear on you. Gather your inspiration and do all your homework at any time, but make your final decisions with a clear head when you’re well rested and not distracted. “Sleep on it ” is my favorite problem solving technique — make your final decisions early in the day. OK, mom out.

Be Realistic About Your Budget:

Easily one the biggest sources of home project stress is the dreaded budget — let’s face it, money concerns are at the forefront of most all things in life. But there are ways to manage budgeting issues with a home project.

Starting your home project knowing what you want (and can) spend is key. Be realistic about the true costs and start pulling those together before the project starts. Get an overall view of where the money will go — what percentage to products and what to labor.

If you’re working with a contractor get a clear picture from him or her up front where your budget falls. An experienced professional should stick with the budget you have set and guide you through the selection process with your budget in mind, steering you away from costly choices that will blow your budget.

Know where your budget stands throughout the entire process. This will eliminate surprises once the project is complete. HomeOnTrack has powerful budgeting tools that will keep you on top of your spending and help you make informed purchasing decisions.

Delays can happen, don’t add to them:

As with the budget, how long a project takes is a major stress point. Your home and your routine is disrupted even if all goes smoothly. Throw in an unexpected delay and your nerves are at risk.

Remodels are a process — things need to done in a clear order. Obviously, flooring needs to be installed before the toilet is replaced.  Making your product decision and getting them ordered need to follow that order. Be clear when you’re making your purchases that you know when to expect them and give yourself enough lead time. This is key to keeping your project on schedule and avoiding delays and the extra stress that causes.

HomeOnTrack task organizerHomeOnTrack’s scheduling tools allow you to assign tasks and get reminders for when an order needs to be placed. You can learn more about it here.

Remember, too many changes can disrupt the flow. Changing a paint color won’t neccesarily affect the schedule much, but changing materials, appliances or design can lead to major delays. Don’t start your project until most of these major decisions have been finalized.

Communicate, Communicate:

As with most things in life, communication is at the core of good relationships and working through issues. Yes, issues will come up with a remodel, but keeping the lines of communication open throughout the process goes a long way to ease the stress level. We’ve got some terrific posts with tips to keep those lines of communication open while remodeling, both with your contractor and your partner:

Keys to the Contractor Relationship

How To Make Product Decisions With Your Partner and Keep the Peace

Be ready for the unexpected:

So you’re ready to implement all the above strategies, but take this last point to heart. Especially in older homes like mine, you never know what’s going to pop up once the project gets underway. Be ready for the unexpected.

We had a quick 1/2 bath remodel go longer than expected because one of the flooring layers was not the original wood we had hoped but a black, sticky substance that I’ve yet to identify. Lot’s of sweat and trips to the garbage finally landed us where we wanted to be.

Take a deep breath and be as flexible as you can. You’ll get to the end of your project and you’ll love your home — sounds wonderful!

We’ll see you soon,





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