How To Make Your Decor Reflect Your Personal Style

What’s Your Decor Style? You Already Know The Answer

When I had my interior design company, one of the biggest challenges for my clients was feeling like they had to make their home look just like the decor they saw in a magazine. OK, so I’m dating myself here.

Yes, it’s true — back in the old days the main source for design inspiration arrived in your mailbox in the form of a printed magazine. It’s crazy to think that 15 years ago, social media didn’t exist!  And yes, I checked. Myspace (remember that?!) began in 2003.

So with today’s incredibly easy access to millions of inspiration images, it’s probably safe to say people still feel overwhelmed if searching for that perfect look or style for their homes. Now more than ever. Well you can stop searching because you already know how to decorate your home perfectly.

Fill it with YOU.

In each of the homes I’ve had over the years, family and visitors always commented how they felt so much like “home.” Over and again I’d hear how comfortable they were being there. I’ve never sought or chosen a decor style — it’s just me and what I like and what makes me smile. Fill your home with items that speak to you, stir a memory or elicit an emotion and you can’t go wrong with how your house will look and feel.

Not to say my style doesn’t fall into a general decor category. Fill your home with what you love and you’ll be able to identify if you’re industrial or mid-century modern. I’m cottage or beachy, by the way. I’m also a Sagittarius if you’re interested …

Shop In Your Own Home

Want to start adding those personal touches to your decor? One of my favorite “shopping” trips with my design clients was in their own homes. There’s a reason you’ve held on to that particular item from your childhood. How about the piece your grandmother passed on to you? She wanted you to you to have it, so display it and you’ve got a story about who you are.

When Matt and I blended our households I discovered his beloved grandpa’s hat tucked away in a wonderful, old hat box in the closet. It’s one of those classic, black felt hats and it was in pristine condition. He remembers his grandpa wearing it, but obviously he was a fastidious gentleman. The condition of his hat and even the original box it came in told that part of the story. Matt spoke of his grandfather often and loved him very much and he was proud to have this very personal part of him.

So … why is it tucked away in the closet? In no time at all I found an antique-looking hook and Grandpa Don’s hat now hangs in its rightful place in our living room by the front door. It’s one of things I treasure the most in our decor.

So take a look around your home, be sure to check the closet! Display those items that “tell your story.” Even a small, subtle piece will contribute to the overall feel and reflect your unique style.

Quick Tips to Make Your Home Reflect YOU

  • Mark Your Territory: Stake claim to your home with letters and numbers. We all know about the various-sized initials widely available. I have a few K’s throughout the house. Well, how about incorporating a zip code that holds a special meaning, whether your current one or a favorite vacation destination. Or you can use latitude and longitude to identify a cherished location. Here’s a site that will figure those coordinates for you.
  • Save the Date: I get a ton of “likes” when visitors see the Established date gracing our interior front door. There’s many vinyl lettering companies online where you can customize this easy project. Of course, you can’t go wrong with displaying important dates such as birthdays or anniversaries, as well.
  • Bring Nature In: Matt loves rocks. He has since he was a little boy. A jar of his treasured collection from 40 years ago is in his office. We’ve continued this together as we bring discoveries home from our travels: shells from Sanibel grace our nightstand and stones from Lake Superior are on the mantle. Keep an eye out for these natural treasures. If it brings to mind a lovely memory, incorporate it into your design. The price is most always perfect, too!

A Note About Color …

I have kind of a unique relationship with paint colors. I “feel” color. In my book, the color of your walls is the most important piece of your decor. That begin said, choosing paint colors causes stress with many people. My favorite solution? If you’re in someone’s home, or office, or your favorite boutique and the wall color makes you feel happy, or calm, or anything good at all, ask what color it is. I’ve had this question so many times over the years and I’m always thrilled to share my colors. So ask away!

Have a favorite, bold color? You may not be so daring as to use that bright green you’ve fallen in love with to paint your whole living room but don’t shy away from splashing it throughout your home. My favorite turquoise that welcomes visitors on the front door also transformed the soffit above the kitchen cabinets. I used it to paint an old candlestick on the living room mantel, too. Consider painting a frame or a dining chair. Have fun with color by adding it to unexpected places. It’s a terrific way to express YOU!

Fill your home with personal items and colors that make you FEEL happy, content and warm. All the other decorating pieces will fall into place around them.

We’ll see you soon!


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