6 Things to Consider when Choosing Your Appliances

So many options to choose from, we know. All the same finding just the right appliances for your home and your family will bring you much satisfaction. It can be overwhelming because of all the options. We feel the best place to start your appliance selection process is to take a few thoughtful moments to consider how you and your family really live ….

Do you love to entertain?

I have a friend who’s a fantastic cook and finds great joy in preparing meals for her family and friends (lucky me). Her oven and cooktop are crucial to this enjoyment.

Busy household full of hungry and thirsty kids?

Your refrigerator will definitely get a lot of use so choose one with enough storage and flexibility for different storageĀ configurations.

Always running to your kids sporting events?

A heavy-duty and efficient washer & dryer is surely in order.

The list goes on and on:

A recent trend is including two dishwashers in the kitchen. You’re only limited by your imagination. Well, and your budget.

Wondering about costs?

Price points for appliances vary as much as the appliance options themselves. Know your budget going into the selection process and shop around. One way to save is many appliance retailers group appliances into a package and price accordingly. Also look into energy rebates that may be available from your local utility company or even government entities. That being said, be aware of the energy efficiency of your appliances as these can vary greatly, as well. Their efficiency, or lack of, will make an impact on your utility bills in the long run.

What comes first, the appliance or the cabinets?

Many appliance sizes are standard and your cabinet designer will know these dimensions. But if you’re considering an upgrade, size could matter. Therefore it’s important to have chosen these appliances before the cabinet order is placed. You’ll also need to know beforehand if your kitchen will have a cooktop and a wall oven or if you’re going with the oven/range combination.

This all may seem a bit overwhelming. However if you stick with the basic principle of choosing your appliances thoughtfully based on what works for your family, you’ll do great!

Want more insight on choosing appliances? We loved this article written by Houzz Editorial Staffer Vanessa Brunner. Click Here and Enjoy!


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