Dreaming of building a new home or starting that remodel project but the process and all those endless decisions seems daunting and leaves you overwhelmed? That’s where we come in!

Welcome to HomeOnTrack

When you’re ready to take the leap into your next home project we’ve got your safety net ready. We’ve been through the process (many times) and we’re here to help you every step of the way. We take the overwhelming feelings out of the equation. Not to mention we equip you with the expert knowledge, support and tools you need to move smoothly through the building of your new home. And yes, it is true, you can enjoy it along the way, too!

Sounds terrific, but how does it work?

HomeOnTrack is the first software developed specially for you, the homeowner, to assist in your home projects. Whether you’re remodeling your kitchen or building that dream home, we’ve got you covered. Our folder system works as a filing cabinet to keep track of all your selections, expenses, and images filed to specific rooms. HomeOnTrack also keeps your vendors and contacts on file and organized. No more searching for that business card, you’ll have all the contact information you need at your fingertips. Not to mention our calendar, tasks and notifications will keep your project on schedule and OnTrack! To say nothing of having the ability to store important home documents such as warranty information, user manuals, receipts and even paint colors for years to come.

But wait, there’s more! Be a part of our HomeOnTrack Community!

Look to HomeOnTrack for a wealth of knowledge and continued support before you start and after your project is complete. Our Blog will share project tips, advice and knowledge we’ve learned from our more than 25 years in the building industry. We’ll keep an eye on trends, too. We’ve not only got some terrific downloadable information for you. But also a complete binder system that encompasses the HomeOnTrack system for those who enjoy a more traditional way of working through their projects. Most importantly our members can share in our giving back to our communities through our relationship with Habitat for Humanity and other causes. We’re looking forward to you getting to know us – we’ll see you soon!