6 Ways HomeOnTrack Will Help Your Next Home Project

We created HomeOnTrack to help you, the homeowner, move smoothly through your next home project, no matter the size or scope.

  • We’ve worked in the home industry for more than two decades.
  • We have personally built, remodeled, flipped and re-stored several homes throughout the years.
  • We’ve worked for contractors, worked with clients and have lived every part of the home-project spectrum as homeowners ourselves.

We knew there was a need for a tool that would ease those overwhelmed feelings that a home project can create, therefore HomeOnTrack was born!

How We Can Help

1) Product Selections:

We learned one of the biggest reasons people shy away from home projects is they feel overwhelmed by all the decisions they need to make, from product selections to paint colors. HomeOnTrack eases that burden with our Folder system.

Store all the details of your product selections, including price and images, within our easy-to-manage Folders. Not to mention, you can also add notes to your selections such as where you can purchase each item.

We learned one of the biggest reasons people shy away from home projects is they feel overwhelmed by all the decisions they need to make … HomeOnTrack eases that burden with our Folder system.

Let’s say you’re remodeling your kitchen. All the Items typically included in a kitchen remodel are pre-populated for you. Simply input your specific product selections and when you’re ready to finalize your choice, that item accrues to your overall project Budget. Accordingly, this brings up #2 on our list …

2) Stay On Budget:

Imagine no more surprises you’ve gone way over budget once your project is completed. With HomeOnTrack you set your budget at the beginning of the project.  Meanwhile with each final product selection, your budget accrues.

Our Project Dashboard gives you a visual reminder of just where you’re at. They’ll be no more surprises and you can adjust things as you go. You’ll be able to make informed purchasing decisions with the confidence. Moreover, you’ll know exactly where your budget stands throughout the process.

3) Contacts at your Fingertips:

HomeOnTrack keeps all your contacts on file and organized – no more searching for that business card. You’ll have all the contact information for anyone who’s ever worked on your home at the click of the mouse. These contacts link to each of your products so no guessing who sold you which item.

4) Stay On Schedule:

Imagine knowing when your tile needs to be ordered to arrive on time, exactly when the plumber is scheduled or when your next appointment is. HomeOnTrack will keep track of all of this for you and send notifications and reminders, as well.

Not only can you add Users to your project but you can also assign them tasks. Everyone will be on the same page and the lines of communication will be wide open. EVEN MORE all this can sync to your Google Calendar. See, we’ve got you covered!

5) Your Home Filing System:

HomeOnTrack stores important documents such as warranty information, user manuals, receipts and even paint colors for years to come.

6) Be a part of our HomeOnTrack Community!

Look to HomeOnTrack for a wealth of knowledge and continued support before you start, during the process and after your project is complete.

Our Blog will share project tips, advice and knowledge we’ve learned from our more than 25 years in the building industry. We’ll keep an eye on trends, too. We’ve also got some terrific downloadable information for you. Plus our binder kit encompasses the HomeOnTrack system for those who enjoy a more traditional way of working through their projects. And be sure to follow us on social media – like us on Facebook today!


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