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Stylish Ideas For Your Kitchen Banquette


Kitchen banquettes are becoming a trend in many homes. It’s a place to serve meals and entertain guests, but it’s also a place for reading and doing homework. A banquette offers comfortable seating with an upholstered bench and several dining chairs. Are you thinking of adding a banquette to your kitchen? You can draw inspiration from the following ideas.



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Window Backdrop

If you’re like many other homeowners, you enjoy using the window as a backdrop. Place the bench in front of a large window to let the sun shine on your banquette. Place two bistro chairs across from the bench, so others can enjoy the view. Use a blue and white scheme to add a pop of color without overdoing it.

In The Corner

You can also place your banquette in a corner to make use of the space. Use an L-shaped bench with two wooden, upholstered dining chairs to create seating around a round table. The area may be accompanied by a window or artwork. Lighter shades with darker patterns brighten up your corner without creating an eyesore.

Under The Bookcase

Do you have a large nook under your built-in bookcase? This is the perfect spot for your banquette. It allows you to create a dining area or workstation in just about any spot of your home. Place your bench inside the actual nook itself, with a longer table in front of it. This gives you plenty of space for several chairs, which is perfect for lunchtime or homework. If you’re looking to add a splash of color to a white or gray nook, consider striped upholstery on your bench and chairs.

Center of Attention

You don’t have to place your banquette in a nook or corner if you have other ideas. Why not let your banquette be the center of attention? Start by placing an L-shaped bench against a smaller counter. The bench is paired with a rectangular table and a backless bench or several dining chairs. The top of the bench features a flat surface for cups or decor, and the other side of the bench features storage solutions. You’re placing your banquette in the center of the kitchen, so you want to choose a color scheme that works with the rest of your space.

Separate Room

Another idea is to place your banquette in a separate room altogether. You may have an actual dining room that could use a banquette for casual meals or entertaining guests. Use a long sofa bench with a back to add a touch of elegance to your space. A long table and several dining chairs create plenty of seating for everyone. You can even add cushions to the chairs for extra comfort. If your space has a window, try to position the banquette across from it to brighten the area.

Whether you want to place your banquette in a corner, the center of the kitchen or another room altogether, the sky is the limit when you’re coming up with ideas for your kitchen banquette.

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