Home Planner Kit

Stay organized, on time, and on budget BUT ultimately save stress with easy organization!


#1 In Planning For Home Construction & Remodeling

We understand getting through the home building or remodel process can be stressful. The HomeOnTrack Binder Kit helps get you through your project by keeping you organized, on time and on budget.


Simply track your budget, appointments, and more!


Conveinently keep all of your work organized so it’s ready to be used during & after your project.


Easily file your images, receipts, and contact information.

Save Time & Stress

Use the Binder Kit to file your inspiration images, quotes, receipts and all your contact information. Keep track of your budget and all your appointments and when your project is complete, you’ll know where to go to find that model number or paint color. It all comes with its own HomeOnTrack carrying bag so it’s ready when you are for that on-site meeting or showroom visit. Check out all the Binder Kit features below!



Never miss an appointment, fumble for a contact name, forget to buy something or go over budget. You won’t be at a loss for a surface to write on, this is a 360 binder that flips and converts into a clipboard. The HOT Binder includes 2 heavy-duty plastic 2-pocket inserts, business card holders, and a zip pocket for holding smaller items. You can download the HomeOnTrack Printables for free, but we include a heavy cardstock version in our kit. They include:


  • Calendar – Record appointments, reminders, and deadlines.
  • Allowances/Budget – Enter your budget amount and if a contractor has given you an allowance. Keep track of orders and payments made.
  • Selection/Shopping List – Mark what products to select and the date you need to have them to avoid delays and additional expenses such as shipping, re-selecting or re-scheduled labor.
  • Contact Info – Keep preferred suppliers, contractors and other project contact information all in one place.


Organize all your inspiration images and create your own personal designer’s storyboard. Share with family, friends and all that are working on your project so they can see what you are working towards. It will make your project go smoother — as they say, a picture is worth a thousand words. Every designer knows creating a storyboard is a must for a well-designed, cohesive project. This blue and black high-quality binder includes a large front pouch. And we’ve included 16 durable, tear-resistant, 2 pocket dividers that are organized by product. With your Binder Kit purchase, you’ll receive a link to our template to customize and print your product selection labels. It also includes a clear zip pouch for these smaller items.


Keep all your quotes, orders and invoices together and easily accessible. You can comparison shop, answer questions and know what you ordered — you’ll know exactly where all this important information is filed. This green and black high-quality binder includes a large front pouch. We have included 16 durable, tear-resistant, 2-pocket dividers that are organized by product. Upon purchase, you will receive a link to our template to customize and print your product selection labels. It also includes a clear zip pouch for smaller items.


This unique and tastefully embroidered bag of heavy duty canvas will keep everything close at hand while shopping, meeting with the contractor or out at the job site. You can answer questions quickly and efficiently, cutting down the “I’ll have to get back to you on that.” The bag holds the Inspiration binder and the Document binder in a separate zip compartment. The planner is stored in the front in the messenger bag style compartment. You can easily access your planner as well as your pen, tape measure, and other tools in the holders and pouches. The strap is adjustable for hand carry or to slip over your shoulder. It even has a side compartment to carry your water bottle for those long shopping trips.


With all the details that come with a home improvement or new construction project, keeping your manuals, warranties and papers organized can be one of your biggest challenges. They get shoved aside and piled up in an attempt to get your new space finished so you can finally enjoy it. But then you notice that the glass on the light fixture has a chip or an appliance isn’t working correctly. Or you need to do a touch-up and you’re left wondering which paint color you used. How annoying — you can’t find anything … Keep it all organized and stored in your easy-to-identify HOT Archive Box. And you can use our handy label template to customize and print labels for your folders.

FREE! 60 Days HOT Online Software!

The best way to organize your project is to use the Binder Kit and the HOT Online Software in unison. As thanks for purchasing the HOT Binder Kit, along with your 30-Day Free Software Trial you’ll receive a coupon for an additional 30 days to explore the HomeOnTrack program. You will be notified when your 60 days is coming to an end and you can then choose to continue your subscription or to unsubscribe. You will not be automatically charged. Check out our easy-to-use online software

From The HomeOnTrack Team

Throughout their more than 25 years working in the building industry, HomeOnTrack creators, Janet, John, Amy and Beka saw homeowners struggling to manage all the details that go along with building and remodeling their homes. They knew a tool was needed to guide people through the process and ease the stress.

HomeOnTrack was created to do just that.

HomeOnTrack’s powerful features keep home projects organized, on schedule and on budget. From product selections to managing your tasks and appointments, HomeOnTrack guides you through your project. And we’ll be there through the process with expert advice, tips and support. Discover how HomeOnTrack will help with your next project!