Curb Appeal

The Importance Of Curb Appeal For The Home

In most of the markets across the country, supply still exceeds the demand for household sales. While the focus is often shifted to what can be improved on the inside of a home, many sellers neglect the outside of their property. Most customers have the opinion of whether they like the house or not before they cross the front door. The work you do in the kitchen or the bathroom can be great, but at this point, it may be too late. If you want to maximize the value of your properties, you should focus on improving its attractiveness.

Front Door

The way to the front door should serve as an ambassador for your home, welcome guests, and suggest a calm and welcoming atmosphere further. The elements that make the entrance, the road, the landing and the entrance door must be perfectly combined and provide a safe and attractive way from the street to your home.

The straight path, which encourages guests to move directly from the sidewalk to the entrance, works well for formal houses of unequal proportions, such as colonial style, Greek, and Georgian. You can avoid the dark mass of intact concrete using large bricks or group of planks. To make the effect even more striking, decorate both sides of the road with symmetrical and firm nature.


On the other hand, a winding walkway works well with informal houses of architectural style such as ranches, cottages, and bungalows. The winding road has the practical function of creating a small front yard that appears larger and is also an opportunity to delight guests.

Consider the elements that could highlight the journey: colorful gatherings of exciting plants, rocks or trees, fountains or other garden art. You can even think about creating texture and drama by adding a few berm bases to the front yard. On the ground, you can use informal pavement materials such as tiles or broken concrete, but certainly, evaluate your steps and protect them from overgrowth.


If you have a staircase at the front door or landing, you can make these constructions of the same materials used for the road or materials that fit in the design of the walkway to integrate the front of the house on the terrace.

Landing is a place to show that your guests have reached the destination; Do not forget to place a circle of stones or bricks or decorative tiles to mark the end of your journey.


Regardless of the style of the walkway you choose, always carefully illuminate to make sure your entryway is at as inviting as night as it is during the day. Install proper lighting on the step and stairs for added safety and consider adding a lamp or battery lamp as an attractive and illuminating focal point. Illumination of the steps on both sides of the road will provide safe passage, and the lighting of trees and shrubs up will be of visual interest.

There are many more that you can do to improve the attractiveness of your property. Some of these things can be more expensive than you think, but they can have a huge impact on your selling price. If you’re wondering which items need updating, ask your friend to come to your home and tell you first what they think when they first arrive. This will give you a sincere assessment and a starting point for your work. Spending time and money in the indoors is important, but everything will be futile if the outdoor part of your home is a catastrophe.

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