Best Messy Kitchen l Add One To Your Home

Messy Kitchens

There’s a new trend among homeowners, and that trend is a messy kitchen. You may be thinking, “Why would I want my kitchen to be messy?” A messy kitchen is the modern version of a butler’s pantry.

So what is the purpose of a messy kitchen? Think of it as your own secret hideaway to cook without any stress. You already have your main kitchen, which is the place where family gathers around the table, or the place where you entertain your guests. It’s the spot where you serve dinner, help with homework and host parties. You want your granite counters, tile backsplash and two-tone cabinets to be on display. What is inside your messy kitchen? The dishes you have not gotten to yet, and the serving trays that are going to be prepped with snacks, as well as extra ingredients or smaller appliances. You can even use this space as a catering kitchen for special events. The stress of maintaining the beauty of your kitchen while preparing food is over because you can put the excess items in your hidden space.

Are you thinking of adding a messy kitchen to your home? Maybe you are going to convert an existing space or add a new room altogether. Wouldn’t you like a place to stash your extra appliances or unwashed dishes until your guests leave for the night? You can add a messy kitchen to your home with the following ideas.

Kitchen With Two Entrances

One idea is to place your messy kitchen behind your main kitchen, so you can enter and exit through the mudroom or garage. Imagine a mudroom or garage with a second refrigerator or freezer chest. You can quietly exit your messy kitchen through the adjoined room to access your extra supplies as needed. Of course, you also have the option to enter and exit the messy kitchen through your main kitchen, which is necessary for serving your meals.

Walk-In Pantry Turned Kitchen

If you do not want to go through the process of adding an extra room to your home, you can always convert an existing space into your messy kitchen. Why not create a messy kitchen inside your walk-in pantry? You can use the shelves for your smaller appliances, unopened beverages and non-perishable food. A renovation gives you a small counter and undermount sink for preparing meals. You may even be able to place your refrigerator at the transition point between your main and messy kitchen.

Just Around The Corner

You do not have to hide your messy kitchen in another room. If you enjoy the open concept, a dining room hutch at the end of the counter should do the trick. Simply turn the hutch so the back is facing the dining area, and your messy kitchen is just around the corner. Your messy kitchen may include a smaller counter, cabinets and mini-refrigerator.

With a messy kitchen, you can show off your main dining area without worrying about a mess being on display.

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