27 Beautiful Designs To Boost Your Guest Bathroom

This clean and bright bathroom really makes an impact. It’s easy and affordable to change the look of the room by adding color with accessories.

Beautiful half bath designs and ideas even if it’s tiny or awkward. Your half bath, also known as the powder room or guest bath is not only for those times you don’t want to run all the way to the other bathroom when nature calls, you want to create a pleasant place for you and your guest. Provide you and your guest a bathroom that reflects you and your home, something to be proud of and the talk of the neighborhood. Not only that, upgrading a half bath can be a wise investment for resale value.

Round mirrors are great for those narrow spaces, leaving more wall exposed giving the appearance that it’s larger.

The vertical white beaded board add textural interest and makes a small bathroom look larger.

Great looking sliding barn door and you no longer have to deal with that pesky door swing that takes up valuable space.

Black wainscoting lends to the farmhouse or cottage look and the flooring really grabs the eye and creates an interesting bathroom.

Black wainscoting with a mural bringing movement into this room.

This cabinet converted to a vanity gives the room a comfortable look while bringing in a lot of character.

If you’re not looking for the lighter brighter look, this has a look that is warm and inviting.

Instead of the accessories being the accent the color has been reversed, the walls are the color. Time spent in the bath is brief so a dark or bold color can be easier to handle.

An elegant feel can be created with furniture turned into a vanity and a foyer type chandelier and wall sconces add elegance.

Mirrors are a great way to create the illusion of more space. White with mirrors was used in this bathroom to give it a lighter, brighter and larger feel.

This is a creative use of a tiny space. The irregular shape of the mirror adds interest and fits the space perfectly while a small table underneath adds a place for soap and decor and balances the overall look.

This room shows creativity, it was papered with old AAA maps and gives a worldly, traveler feel.

This small bathroom is in shades of gray with white and the floor to ceiling tiles add texture and interest. A vanity that is open on the bottom will give the appearance of more space and having one with a towel bar to saves on your wall space.

The eye is drawn to the artwork and it doesn’t feel like you’re in a bathroom. The tile and sink are original and the room was decorated with a historical feel.

Cubbies in the wall make the room seem larger and gives you shelving for towels and decorative items.

Including uplighting makes the room feel spacious and adds a soft mood light for those luxurious baths.

A leggy table is an attractive accent and breaks up the rectangular feel of the room and at the same time, it gives the space open feeling.

Curved corners can be visually pleasing. It gives the appearance of more space without losing cabinet space. It’ll also save on banging into sharp corners when in a rush.

This cabinet has some storage while the open bottom gives the appearance of more space. You will visually be able to see more floor and it will seem as though the wall is pushed back further.

Pedestal sinks are great for fitting into small spaces and give an open feel. You can add well-placed shelves or ledges to make up for the lack of surface.

Black and white with red accents give a high impact bathroom. The shelves painted the same color as the wall gives a clean look and shows off accents and gives a place to stack towels.

The round mirror, light fixture and vanity soften this teeny square bath. The legged cabinet keeps the space open and allows the dramatic blue to show through. Clear glass vases and basket are a great for storage.

Long and narrow can be a challenge but they got it right on this one, it’s inviting and not that boring closet look.

Wallpapered celing and dark walls creates a dramatic look.

This stylish, fully tiled bathroom is small but includes shower which is why it’s totally tiled.

Fully mirrored wall makes space seem larger but make sure you like what the mirror is reflecting. The light fixture is mounted on the mirror allowing for more light to bounce around. You’ll need to make sure they cut a hole in the mirror to allow for the electrical connection.

A cabinet would feel too close to the toilet, but these shelves work nicely and give that needed storage.

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